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daphne saw her two boys all in a sulk & didn't know what to do about it. mortimer was too headstrong to listen to anyone once he got a thing in his mind, & he was in his ritual sunset catatonia. archie, on the other hand, was likely to throw one of his violent fits if confronted, to throw punches with the vigor of a spoiled louis fourteen. daphne was stuck between them like a cave bear between glaciars. she wished chris hadn't left; when chris was here, she'd always have something carnal or bleak to say, something to drive a wedge between the boys & their suicidal thoughts. but chris had left, & the street duel with the dharma villians was due tonight, & though neither of them really knew it, archie & mortimer were at each other's throats.

fruit loops, oblivious, sat in the living room playing playstation.

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