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so i imed a girl i used to know last night & lo & behold who should be at the computer instead but molly. man, thanks for reminding me what a cup o' sad mistakes my life can be. i fucked molly once upon a time, for a variety of reasons paramount among which were making someone i loved hate me (as i had grown into an object better loathed, than adored) & because i was injesting alot of ghb at the time. in the conversation last night i learned that she is married to some poor sailor, & got to tell her how depressing it was to get her shirt off & find out that her bra was so heavily padded.

stupid old mordicai & his slutty moment. it also was the cause of some rough going on the jenny front, even though at the time we were not together (we were younger, & on-again-off-again was the order of the day). anyhow, molly was the second girl i had sex with, & i regret the hell out of it. later, in response to me being occasionally cruel to her, she decided to invent a pregnancy scare just to fuck with me. oh, she's a real gem.

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