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last friday night was fabulous, & reigh is my favorite. i met up with her at the sanrio store in time's square, took her picture with hello kitty, & then we went into the villiage for drinks. there was an interlude at the cherry tavern, drinking beer & tequila, then we moved on to the place on avenue a. we got there earlier than everyone else, & so got down to the serious bussiness of drinking. eventually peter & christopher trickled in; reigh & christopher busied themselves making out with each other, while peter & i tried our luck with drinking ourselves stupid. it was victoria's surprise party, & eventually she showed up looking marvelous. we had a heart-to-blackheart talk, but soon afterwords i had to (drunkenly) chase after a (drunkenly) storming off reigh. christopher wouldn't sleep with her! a travesty.

i caught reigh in a glass jar like a firefly & we took the train to smith & 9th street, where of course i got lost in redhook. but its okay! captain america lives there. i should really know better than to gamble with smith & 9th street, as i always get lost in redhook. we are some fried chicken (100 lbs.) & then on our way home i abandoned reigh so i could sulk about jenny not picking up her phone. it all worked out just fine in the end, except reigh stole back the battery charger i'd stolen from her.

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