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i use the smoke & mirrors for my satanic rituals, said archie.

in the afternoon, morimer sat watching the sun scintillate on the smog, drinking absinthe & dreaming of the feel of brains on his hands. daphne would come in & give him iced tea, & christina would try to jar him out of his reverie, but mortimer was unshakeable. he was seeing, seeing with eyes that knew too much. he knew that he was to love daphne, eventually, inevitably. he knew that he & archie were to meet in battle, & that he would slay archie, stabbing him in the chest. he knew also that archie would be remembered as a hero & that he would be reviled & the name mortimer would become a curse.

mortimer knew he would be seduced by woland into antimony, & he knew that his blade would do many wrongs. he also knew that mem, the fallen & broken, would one day claim him as his best beloved pupil. mortimer knew this, but he waited for the sunset, until it was gone at last in the blink of an eye. in the fading twilight, mortimer soaked in the knowledge that he alone among men knew the failings of gods & angels.

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