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i had a pretty disappointing homecoming. i'm not complaining, i just figure that since it happened, i should record it, in the intrest of honesty. & while i'm drinking. nothing desperate or rattling, just a little bit of hollowness in the echo when they played the trumpets. its like they tore the second scroll but no one much cared. like all the silence in the wake of smarty's loss, only with the tripple crown on his head.

the souveigner i brought jenny from lost vegas was from the pearl factory. its a can, pretty much the size of a can of tuna fish, with plastic sides. inside there is an oyster, with a pearl guarenteed to be inside. you get to cut it open yourself & polish it up. but she wasn't in the mood to open it when i gave it to her. subsequently, i've felt better about this, as she acted in an anticipatory way like she wants to savor it. other than that, i'm just bothered that she's sleepy, & not intrested in sex, but will wake up to watch paris hilton & method man.

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