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declaration of war.

streached out under the sun, soaking it up & hating it. i'm the black pard sometimes, an obsidion god of aztec-myth, voracious in my appetites. from time to time i pad down the tiled stairs into the pool of water, & when i leave it i shiver, the water wicking away into the moisture starved atmosphere. briefly, i'm cold in the desert, under the unbearable sun. but i bear it, of course. a yawn is a display of fangs for me, & this sunshine bullshit is unbelievably boring.

my sister is in the hospital. i guess she wouldn't stop throwing up earlier, heaving out her unfaithful innards. while she was preoccupied with that, i learned how to lose thirty dollars ($30.00) at craps. i lost with panache, & even placed a bet for the dealer, as a tip. roll those dice, folks, the deadline fast aproaches. then i ate a savory crepe for lunch. i got my drinks, but not nearly enough of them.

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