mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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now i gotta go learn how to play craps.

i'll say one thing- i havn't been getting nearly enough drinks early in the morning. i thought vegas was supposed to be about a constant state of inebriation? its the primordeal ooze from which all good vacations crawl out of. but here i am sober! this won't do, this won't do one bit. i'll awaken the titans & storm fucking olympus for a taste of that ambrosia called liquor. oh happy glass. a bloody mary is a breakfast cocktail; maybe i'll walk down that road, like a john bunyan character. Christian encounters Malice! oh its heart warming, or would be if i didn't keep my heart in a glass jar on the shelf. all these little "ohs" are littering my day today- its like i keep being surprised by something.

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