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i rode into vegas inside the belly of an iron dragon, & all that rot. at the airport, they threw my weapons into the midden, swiss knife shining amidst mcdonald's wrappers & newspapers. the flight from jfk to vegas was uneventful- i saw 50 first dates & read some of quicksilver. i sat next to a pretty girl who was taking notes on "believe in your dreams" & such self-help rot. taking notes. we kept accidentally touching feet; not in a flirting way (i don't think, but there is no accounting for these pheremones of mine), but rather in a "this plane is too tiny for tall people" way. there was a moment where these people from conneticut were giving the flight attendant a hard time- they were asian, & she asked them if they spoke & read english, since they were in an emergency exit row. normally, that would be insulting, but on an airplane going to a vacationing mecca, its pretty reasonable.

the first thing we did was to go to "cheeseburger at the oasis" to eat. the "we" i'm speaking of is myself, my mother & sister, & my mother's co-workers: john with a broken leg, john who keeps calling me "the alpha male" & janet. while we were eating our mudpie desert, these performers were doing acrobatic stunts & what have you. they made a pyramid for person's high? & the guy at the top fell off & landed on his head! is was great. an excellent omen. then the ambulance came & took him away. there was also a hula girl with coconuts over her breasts.

then "team a", consisting of myself, my mother, & one of the johns took off for the hilton to be geeks. we went on the star trek simulator rides; the borg experiance (or whatever it was actually called. something like that) is a "4d" ride, which means they poke you from your chair & blow air in your face & have you wear 3d glasses & all that. the klingon experiance is more of your traditional shake-rattle-&-roll sim rides. both had really good pre-show sets though. everything looked surprisingly authentic. i'm not really the super star trek guy, but enjoyed myself. afterwords we met up with "team b" at quark's bar & had drinks. there was a lot of arguing, but i eventually got the "warp core breach" (the half-size one) to myself. it has dry ice in it so it bubbles & steams. i talked to a cute (?) girl dressed like a klingon for quite a while. if i was single i totally would have hit on her, if only because making out with the girl in the klingon costume would be a genius story to tell. i mean, the girl working in the klingon costume, not like, any random convention fatty.

this morning i saw the world's biggest hawai'ian
(or whatever it is actually called. something like that)

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