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Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): good good. I'm finishing up here in Columbus with the AI gig. Moving to DC or joining the military. Decision to come shortly.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): good time to join up. you'll have real people to shoot.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): or design computers to kill
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): yeah none of those boring simulations.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): "hey predator spyplane....get all skynet on iraqi tail!"
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): hold on, somebody sent me a link to a video...
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): similar to this topic...
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): mind you, I'd just be computers and research, but this video indicates what you're talking about:
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): so yeah either way I'll be in a cubicle helping the forces of freedom. it's just plain clothes versus uniform, I suppose.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): i will load it when possible- my connection is slow (i use neighborhood wireless)
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):(2:31:18 AM): ah gotcha. I'd recommend downloading it and playing it locally. It takes a couple of minutes until the ordinance.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): well, & freedom versus power. but really, doesn't power entail freedom as a side benefit? i mean, proportionately. unless you are a robot. super strong robot, you have no freedom, hahah!
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): it's basically a remote controlled surveillance plane which they click on the screen of its display and a missle goes to that point on the screen.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): i figured it was something like that
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): is it the predator hellfire missile strike from afganistan?
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):it is footage from afghanistan yeah.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): then i have indeed seen it. i started being like "no matter how many matrix movies, how many terminator movies, people still make smart computers & give them guns. america fucking rules. long live the machine."
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): well that's hopefully something I'll be able to stop from a DC position.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): why would you want to stop it....oh thats right. you arn't a cyborg yet.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): haha. well remember that episode of star trek where the two planets fight through a computer simulation and the people go to the disintegration tubes and kirk is all like, war is supposed to terrifying and personal?
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):and breaks their computer.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): you & your treize raynada gundam wing, you. don't think i've forgotten leebrick cartoon hour.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):haha, true. I'm just hoping to be at the table when they're like, 'so should we go forward with this armed unmanned land vehicle program for peacekeeping'.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):Well Mr. Sobieski we will take your objections into consideration and we appreciate the work you've done for us, but this letter from a Mr. Burke is quite inspiring that this is the right direction.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): i hope to be at the table when they say "so, mutual assured anihilation. thats a good idea, right?" so i can say "make sure you aim some missles at the moon. you can't be too fucking sure. i heard there was ice there. the chinks may have a secret base or something. better make that place radioactive, too."
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): "dear congressional caucus: MORE FIGHTING ROBOTS. you should probably give them immunity to all human weapons, too. xoxo, unit zero M. James Burke, WMD"
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):so then all futurists are voting for George-moonbase-mission-to-mars-Bush, no?
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): sadly, the george bush MARS!! FUCKING RED PLANET BITCHES! platform is awful enticing. i'll probably vote for some retarded third party, & gleefully throw my vote away. is there a non-rascist fascist party yet?
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):I'm not sure they got the correct number of signatures on their petitions this time around.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): I think the whitehouse has only funded the new space initiative enough for a website at this point.

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