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no one caves to the peer pressure of one teenager to raise the fucking dead.

so i totally am a neighborhood guy. i mean, i went to the deli to buy some tonic water for the gin, right? bussiness as usual. & usually, the guy there exchanges a few pleasentrys with me. you know, "how are you doing tonight?" & its ilk. but today he was all "oh, last time you were here i mischarged you, here let me remedy it by not charging you tonight!" which is cool, & everything. i'm a new yorker. or better yet, a brooklyner. because fuck this huge sprawling metropolis. i've carved out a niche, & named it park slope. excuse me if i'm over-wrought (& i am), but i'm just excited about the whole scene. walking around today was swell as hell.

& the things i know about hell...boy.

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