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el diablo robotica.

today's been all mutal day offish. jenny & i woke up earlier than you might on a lazy day, early enough to go catch harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban at the matinee show. it was pretty snazzy, what with all the ringwraiths. i like dementors! if one could be my neopet, that would be a-okay. also, i like the predestination paradox approach to time travel, but i'd totally forgotten that it was a part of this story- when i read it, i remember being pleased that time travel was handled so well. this, & the next book, at my favorite potter books so far. not that i'm like, the creepy geek who thinks harry potter is the greatest thing ever. i'm the creepy geek who thinks dnd is the greatest thing ever. total distinction.

anyhow, to add to the geekiness cred (which is almost the same as street cred, since a lot of intellegent rapper like to talk about transformers & shit like that) jenny & i have been watching episodes of buffy the vampire slayer season five all day. lazy haze, but real nice. we're on "the body" now, & the disk is skipping, & its driving me fucking crazy. its such a nicely paced episode that this chop-suey version is killing me. its all about the fucking change of camera shots, & where are we with this slice n' diced version? only in hate-land.

hate-land is the empire i fucking carved out from primordeal nothingness.

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