mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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so these day's, i'm an open game license d20 boy through to the core. its largly a matter of self-delusion & simplicity: towards the former there is the persistant idea that one day i'll be the new gygaxl; towards the latter i figure everybody knows dnd these days. but every so often white wolf tickles my fancy. not this new post-gehenna lillith requim arc or whatever, but classic ww stuff. v:tm? i don't care what anyone says, its fun as fuck. even kingtycoon, prince of disdainers, gave it the thumbs up for fun. that will always be my backround. & right, i just watched big fish or whatever? thats a changeling game gone wrong! all that banality leeching out of the son. fuck that piece of shit lazy-bones. there were giants, there were witches. buy it & believe it.

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