mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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my girlfriend is asleep on the couch. i think it started as some kind of non- (read: passive) agressive tactic. thats a joke, spock, so laugh it up. she said she was going to lay on the couch & read until i agreed to come to sleep with her. sleep in a literal "shut down mode" sort of way, not in a "secret genital touching" way. i'm not sleepy at all. i'm not, & i've been drinking. i've drank a little, not too much, but some. enough so that i could probably sleep restfully, if given enough exhaustion. restfully in obvious juxtaposition with the usual perscription: take two doses of "you arn't yourself," chase it with "alienationox" & call me in the morning. oh i call out in the morning alright, stifling fucking screams, doc.

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