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the android running the chocolate factory was made of sugar!

francisco ibn benny hill was a happy man. he was a priest, to be sure, but for him, there was always loads of pussy. poon was as much a part of clerical life as holy water fonts & embezzled dough. fransisco ibn benny hill was going to be the father of the anti-christ. the gnostic prophet had said so. so frank, son of benny hill, was given free range with the ladies. & oh what oats he did sow. he sowed an awful lot. generally he stayed away from butt-fucking, but with the anti-christ, who can be sure? so he fucked some hot icelandic sluts anal-style a few times. but mostly he kept to missionary. it was the irony that got him.

if fransico ibn benny hill had lived in new york city, he would have worn a trucker's hat.

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