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oh fucking hell. how about the mundane keeps hassling me, is that cool? i mean, the real world is so important to me. fucking "real world." me & 7 billion strangers. i'll start getting real as soon as i bust out my shotgun. these annoyances fucking get under my skin.

speaking of getting under my skin! i just spent an hour digging the point of a nail out of the heel of my foot. i stepped on something getting into the shower & was like "well thats quite the motherfuck. apparently i'll be tiny tim, hobbling around on fucking crutches now." i figured it was broken glass or something. because when i was hopping around the apartment like a dufflepod, i fucking stepped on broken glass! fuck everything. eventually using a needle, tweezers, & nail clippers, i dug a deep enough hole in the callous of my foot (blood everywhere) to extract the jagged piece of metal.

now all i have to do is get my shit together & figure out how this paper is going to come together. oh the pieces will fall into place. by "place" i mean "a jumble." luckily i'm smart as fuck, & my jumble resembles the fucking taj mahal. i've got articles here, i've got notes & i've got gumption. & i've got a library, starting tommorow. look out post-proceedural historical ecology- i'm going to gently rock your world, till your cradle effing drops.

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