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i've been reading chronicle of a death foretold by gabriel garcia marquez. if g.g. marquez was a writer of novellas, i might be more excited, because i mean, i'm enjoying this one. but i just don't see how so many "the sun fell through the banyon trees" & "coffee mixed with cane liquor" could sustain an entire novel. though i do like the use of the arabs in it; they're exotic, in a locale thats exotic to me as the reader. which gets a thumbs up. i guess i shouldn't judge to harshly? i'll give him a fair shake eventually. i suppose i tend to be critical of things i read, & then later surprised when i tell someone how much i liked them.

last night we went out among the witches & the warlocks to see coffee & cigarettes with carla & andrew. its mostly a series of shorts, interconnected by theme towards the end. the bit with rza, gza, & bill murray is just priceless, & cate blanchette is adorable. i want to put cate b. in a cave & fight off all her suitors. it seems only proper. the repeated conversation about tesla coils was great, too, & jack white wasn't too awful (unlike his sucktacular "sister"). & iggy pop's whipped dog attitude towards tom waits? was hillarious.

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