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i was young. spermy young!

omce upon a time there was a rusty steel drum. it lived at the bottom of the ocean & was filled with a beautiful green glow, like liquid light. as anemones & corals grew on the barrel, they in turn grew tumors! ah the blessed circle of life.

one day Drum felt sick, like he was a parachute & someone had pulled his ripcord. "oh dear!" he said to a mutant anemone, "i feel like my guts are being torn out through my asshole!"

"my dear Drum!" said the anemone, who's name was GHEXXNY, "your glow is leaving you! washed away by the jet stream!"

Drum & his friends freted & brainstormed, trying to think of a way to save his glow. GHEXXNY & two-headed angelfish came up with a plan involving hydrofoils that proved untenable. a legless mollusk suggested paying for more glow with sunken treasure, but where to buy it? in the end there was no solution, & drum died.

but his ghost haunted the ocean forever after, in a half-life.

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