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curled up in my sarcophagus & slept away the end of my empire yesterday. i mean i hit the coffin bed & did not rise until judgement day. & oh did i judge. while slumbering i had all kinds of dreams. i remember swimming in a tremendous aquarium & being found by danielle s., who invited me to pam's wedding. somehow i was talked into it, & realized that i had forgotten my leather jacket in her car (i have never owned a leather jacket, except for five minutes when i had symon's). pam's wedding was at bennigans, & after i totally subbed pam i got lost in the kitchen. also dreamt about a geiger alien, lost on a planet that "doesn't even get verizon, let alone the hivemind." so the alien was rabid, feral without the hivequeen, hunting always hunting. i was there with two synthetic humanoids, all three of of independent agents of the hive, & we went round n' round. somehow the climax turned out to be a legion of romans versus a swarm of aliens- romans arn't bad at holding off aliens, as it turns out. holding them back with their tower shields, throwing their pilum into the ranks beyond to avoid the acid- no, the romans made a valient showing.

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