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sitting here working on my osteology final after putting it off till the eleventh hour. not that its really a concern, its more just an investment of time. her final exam is very aimless, even more so than her mid-term. one of those things where you sort of have to shotgun as much information as you can at a rather undefined question & hope you say something that catches her fancy.

If pelvises are present, compare: the male pelvic girdle will have wider ischio-pubic ramus, while the female will have a defined ventral crest, a curved subpubic concavity, & a wide sciatic notch. If skulls are present, compare cranial features- the male skull will have a more defined nuchal crest, mastoid process, supra-orbital ridge/glabella, & mental eminence. The female skull will be more pediomorphic, & the supra-orbital margin will be sharp & curved. If the sacrum is present, take note that female sacrums rarely consist of more than 5 segments, are curved primarily on the lower portion, & have an overall more pronounced sacral curve.

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