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television you should be watching:
gilmore girls. i know what it sounds like, i know what its advertised as. i never would have seen it if jenny hadn't put it in. but its not what you think! it isn't some huge chick drama. its basically a vehicle for incredibly witty dialouge. i mean, i'm a joss whedon fan, which means i'm a sucker for a slang-ridden turn of phrase, right? the gilmore girls are up there with whedon! the show if freaking brilliant. 90% of the episodes, nothing happens. they just Talk. or as an add once famously said about the show, it is "charmingly chatterlicious."

that wb american superstar show. okay, turning american idol on its head, thats a funny enough premise. it couldn't carry a show though, right? like the littlest groom, a spoof show is basically good for two episodes. this show WILL float though. mostly on account of the judges. vitamin c has the best, most subtle sense of humor ever. vitamin c, vitamin c. i wish she lived in my apartment building. i would lend her a cup of sugar. i think the show will be funny mostly because the people in it are funny- they can bouy up a premise.

bands you should be listening to:
rilo kiley. if you havn't heard them, you should go out of your way to.

bands you should listen to that i thought sucked once upon a time:
guided by voices. okay, it isn't that i thought they sucked so much as i didn't get it. i mean, i liked "my valuable hunting knife" SO MUCH, but i thought the rest of their stuff blew. since then, i've given them a solid listen, & they are much better than i thought. still hit or miss though. being a huge alchoholic makes you pretty hit or miss, though, yeah? (these are the guys i am listening to RIGHT NOW!!)

the beach boys. i blame work. "pet sounds" is fucking great.

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