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man, i don't really think of david as my boss anymore, right? i mostly think of him as my friend who tells me what to do at work or whatever. but he's totally an awesome boss. his two concerns when i called in to tell him i was fucking sick? were whether i was feeling okay & whether i'd be screwed financially if i called in sick. which i did. i'm going to be "sick" today. which i am. hopefully this will also give me the opportunity to write my osteology final paper. because, i mean, as unstressful as that is, i still have to do it. to actually do the writing.

i do a lot of things because i love my girlfriend. on my own? i would probably just ignore all these things & do what feels good. i.e. play videogames until i forgot how screwed i am. & i mean, its not like i've been the most responsible ever this semester. but i've given it a fair shot. left to my own devices? i'd totally be in the middle of a self-destructive epidode to rival allah's creation of eblis. jenny means i'm not totally alone.

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