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friends, romans, countrymen, et al. yon cassius has a lean & hungry look, etc.

in metal gear solid: 2, the illuminati type group is the "rarirurero," which is basically like saying the "lmnop." which is not to dish on the lmnop, those guys are tough & all. i guess i'm just waxing nostalgic for the first metal gear, which is among the top five video games i have ever played, without exageration. solid snake is among the greatest spies ever, let me say. let me say, oh mr. chairman, let me say.

second off, you know who i hate? people ashamed of being geeks. people ashamed of liking dungeons & dragons. dnd is probably the greatest non-mobile hobby ever. i mean, even if you don't like fantasy, there is a roleplaying game somewhere that you would probably thing was awesome. plus, you know what? as david has pointed out, fuck these "if on a stormy night a traveler" pomo novels. a dnd sourcebook is a much more exploratory piece of fiction. how about TOTAL PARTICIPATORY fiction? hows that for genre revolutionary? well its been around for 30 years fucker!

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