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services rendered.

people who gave me "the eye" today (& i do not mean the evil eye!)
  • chubby girls in push-up bras.
  • fake n' bake girls with tanning google lines.
  • rolly-polly men in funny beards.

  • other facts: in my game world there are 366 days in the vellic year. there are 12 months (as of yet un-named) of 30 days each, 6 seasons (thaw, spring, summer, harvest, fall, winter) consisting of two months each, & 6 intercalandary feast days (yule, passionata, summer solstice, ball of 1000 kings, all saint's day, winter solstice) in each season.

    other facts: my japanese teacher neglected FURTHER important information- in this case, about a semester's worth of homework. i have about 49 drills to do by the 28th. on the plus side, my japanese final is not until the 28th. what the FUCK? i mean, seriously, i TOLD you i was new in your class, your syllabus is vauge as does this shit KEEP HAPPENING? i mean, after the first snafu in which you realized i did not PSIONICALLY FUCKING KNOW TO SIGN UP FOR MID-TERM PARTNER IN THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS let alone that i had to write a sketch with said partner as my mid-term, that these sorts of kinks would be ironed out by now. oops, nopes! she looked through her papers & realized that i hadn't turned one in ever! then she put two & two together & in her ABSOLUTE MERCY decided to extend the homework deadline for me. how about WAIVE IT FUCKING COMPLETELY?

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