mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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i'll storm the parliment of smokeless fire.

its strange how much exhaustion can seep into so small a form. fucking sack of flesh. i appreciate the cleverness of primates as compared to mollusks & mountains, but it all seems so small. i play on a cosmic fucking scale, or at the very least aspire to. i mean, this is a hell of a nutshell to be bounded in, for a king of infinte space. i walk a few million city blocks & wake up at eight thirty (8:30) & you know what? i get fucking tired. but not so tired that the thought of wiping out all the motes in heaven, of blotting every star with inky nothing, doesn't bring a smile to my face. i'm split open like a great white's ear to ear. toothy grin, courtesy misfortune (tm).

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