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you know what is a pet peeve of mine? war protesters who have their kids hold signs like "please bring my daddy home i don't want my daddy to die!" or whatever. YOU JOINED THE FUCKING MILLITARY. if there was a draft, that would be one thing. but the reason the government paid for your college or whatever was so that if it wanted, it could have carte blanche to put you in life or death situations. thats the whole point! if you've got a family or value your life for some reason, you might want to reconsider joining up. since it is the fucking war department of the government. in a similar vein, i dislike it when soldiers in movies or on television start spouting anti-violence slogan. this is pretty common in animie & whatever (yes, robotech, i'm looking at you!). IF YOU JOIN THE FUCKING ARMY YOU ARE NO LONGER A PACIFIST! you have fucking agreed to shoot a gun at a guy in the hopes of blowing him to little bloody fragments. if you have a problem with shooting a guy to death, DO NOT JOIN "SHOOTIN' DUDES INC."

part of what inspired these thoughts is this place near where i live. its called "the woman's anti-violence center." okay? well underneath that, in tiny type, is where they say its a martial arts dojo for girls. here is a fucking clue, god-damn it. if you are learning to kick sombody's ass, you are no longer "anti-violence!" you are fucking pro-violence! i mean, learning martial arts does not compell you to get into a fight, but it IS teaching you HOW to fight! learning how to shove your kubaton into some motherfucker's throat if he tries to rape you is not "anti-violence!" its anti-gettingfuckingraped, & i think its a good fucking first step, but it ain't anti-violent. its getting peace with a knife.

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