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so i called simon "double anal penetration" ravenface from work, thinking i was going to do one of those friend check things. you know, the digital equivilent of the bar nod; sort of leave a message on his voice mail all "whats up, dawg. how you been? we should hang out together soon & play hero clix or whatever." only without the dawg (go browns!). anyhow, there he was, awake & throbbing gristling! so i decided, right there, upon hearing about his fabulous "day off," that we'd do something that night. (then i hung up & called jenny to make sure it was okay. this actually happened.) so while i was at work playing risk, etc (i took asia & held it!) i was actually thinking up clever one liners that i could pepper into my conversation that upcoming evening.

so i took the train to greenpointe, called simon, found out we were going to be going into manhattan, & walked to meet him. he was partnered with miss "cum guzzling lesbo" monica (who is freaking good at word puzzles) & we three magi walked back to the subway. since the sidewalk was only so wide, i had to walk on the grass & the dirt most of the time, but i didn't mind. i'm like fucking aragorn or some shit. so we took the L (the L! i ride the L train now sometimes. what the heck! the L train is the deep train nearest the mole people) over to 8th avenue & walked to the apartment where we had a DATE WITH DESTINY!

the apartment had a doorman & i slapped him high five.

in the apartment was ji, who was the owner of the apartment (aka hot asian slut) & alia, who is an internet personality of some caliber (aka cock hungry white bitch). both ji & alia are artists, a fact that will come up again soon. we made our introductions, i was made aware that "blake" would be appearing on the fifth wheel that night, & then we got down to bussiness. that bussiness being board games. within about ten seconds of pulling out cranium & pouring the cristal, simon had spilled his cristal all over the place- major party foul dealt with by the grievious use of perfectly white paper towels. oh towels, i mourn your passing. i will sing thee a dirge, or keen: EEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEE EEEEEEEE! EEE! EEEEEE AAAAAAA EEEEE! your passing was not in vain!

anyhow, here is how cranium is played: its like trivial pursuit + pictionary + charades + claymation + word puzzles. here is practical knowledge about the particular game we played: monica is fucking great at word puzzles. i am adamant that i know the correct answer when there are true or false questions & am never wrong. alia is really good at sculpting, but ji is bad at understanding where the front & the back of clay figures are. ji & alia are both good at drawing, & preternaturally good at guessing what each other is miming. simon is our mime guy- he can be "sudden." also, we won.

after cranium we played taboo. the game with the barbie spaceship. at this point the wine on the empty stomach thing was kicking in & i became a little tipsy, impairing my play slightly. we still won, but it was a harder row to hoe, thats certain. the only bit of important practical knowledge gained from this is that if i tell simon to be "baroque" he will adopt a rennisance voice & be as byzantine in his clues as possible. i just meant to use out of date words for thing or circumlocute! man, it was funny.

then there were dating shows. what can i say about that?

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