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oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree. i've started reading master & margarita, & everyone wants to talk to me about it, apparently. its pretty pleasent to read, even though i've only just begun it. the devil is entertainingly enthusiastic that the russian guys are athiests, which in turn entertains me, so thanks satan. thanks a bundle. i've, uh, been in a weird mood today. i'm going to las vegas in june.

remember oblong headed girl? she was this attractive girl that aaron & i used to see at the gym all the time. i had a class with her, too- comperative religion. cortney was also in that class. anyhow, so oblong headed girl was hot, & aaron went on a date with her. at the end of the date, she went in for the kiss. aaron gave her a hug & never called her again. not for any reason at all. he just didn't. she was definately hot enough to call back. but he didn't. after a week he just said it would be "weird." i fucking hate him.

(jenny stayed home sick today!)

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