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dark corridor.

i keep thinking about how the apparition moved within her. its that hothouse thing i'm doing. i dunno, the apparition moved within her. its a nazi thing. the apparition moved within her. man i feel that ghost floating within the womb of her chest. how the globe shakes when the phantom stirs. oh but i've said too much! silence this fluttering breast. this quavering heart need beat no more. the light behind these eyes dims to nothing. dream of construction sights, of climbing on back hoes & sleeping amidst foundations of concrete.

i finished koushun takami's book battle royale today. i had a really positive opinion coming into the read, since i'd enjoyed the movie so much. i guess my general response is that the movie plus the book make for an overall coherent experiance. man i like battle royale alot. high school (or, well, fifteen years old at least) should be all about the killin'. i wish mine would have been. man, that would have changed the social fucking map, i'll tell you that much. oh, so i guess talking about BR wouldn't work without talking about who i was rooting for. number one contender: kiryama. number two contender: chigusa. number three contender: shinji.

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