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you fucking spastic.

went over to david's after work last night to watch buffy & drink scotch. rolling out chill style is cool- me & chris & david all eating soup & reclining. the downside is that david's apartment is at the actual end of the world, so getting home is always an adventure, though i've never had any trouble whatsoever. i took the bus to the f last night, a trip without hassles or worries, other than the pouring rain beating down on everything. got home soaked, sleepy, & saintly. yeah, i smelled like roses on my deathbed. & of course the requisite text message from david sitting in my pocket. he always shoots off some cute little note, like "superlative company, scintillating conversation! we'll have to repeat the experiance!" or whatever.

so anyhow, that was my evening. this morning so far i've written up some japanese homework that masui & hiroyuki both helped me with, jerked off, & replied to some emails. & i am wondering if that last yuengling is still in the fridge. i doubt it. i could make coffee or something. all i'm looking for is something in my system. something light & efervescent, like liquor or caffine, not anything opressive like heroin or crack cocaine. who am i kidding? i keep going into the kitchen & looking at the coffee maker & the espresso maker & i'm totally too lazy to use them & then clean them. so it looks like these last few free minutes of my morning are going to be spent playing neopets.

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