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oh man how these conversations stagger out of me. i hung out with terra after class- a total joy, let me be honest. there were doodles & quizes & then we ended up abandoning all bars & drinking 40oz in the park. sounds just about as great as it was. but these sentences keep stumbling out of my mouth & being mistaken. i try to talk about hive minds & being second out of a three part group but it just isn't flying. we're mired about in me insisting there are no fundamentalist hindus. because there just arn't. & as much fun as conversation is, these desperations keep leaking out & being taken for nothings. oh what the fuck, whatever. how is my disrobing in the dark supposed to make sense to anyone? its all eyes on the blowfish. see that poison seap. fuck fuck fuck. i'm so great- i have a fun time all night & i come home feeling like i've been devestated. i'll never say decimated- there is nothing one-tenth about anything here. i wish my fucking girlfriend would get home from her library party. this apartment of ours can get cold. especially when i don't fill it, when the only thing filling it are these acoustic guitar sounds. long ago there was a prince named m. he had an older brother & a younger brother. there was slaughter & there was war & there were tongues found within teeth, seperated by space shuttle explosions. but most importantly there was an older brother, a middle brother, & a younger brother. even the crown & the throne vanished in perspective to this. sword & flame & jewel; these were the pieces of brain & bone that knit the empire together. there were radio waves & they sang songs of togetherness.

miracles happened next, & there was terror.

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