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at least osteology is a comfort. i can blow off the classes willy-nilly, since the professor's style of teaching is one hundred percent based on having us fill our our lab books on our own. so i walk in every so often, play with some skeletons, doodle with magic markers labeling diagrams, & walk out again. when exam time rolls around i get 96s. not a bad bit of machinegunning. plus i've got a knack for getting the abberant bones- today's skull's metopic suture was unfused, for instance. nothing shocking or too strange, but diffrent. something to see. it wouldn't've put the guy into a freak show or anything, though.

i'm excited about doing kore's hothouse project with satirical. she sent me her photographic contribution, & now its up to me to pin some words on it. i'm thinking of using the "here is the church, here is the steeple; open the doors & see all the people" thing as a throwaway line somewhere in the little vignette. oh i do swoon over a collapsed marionette.

last night jenny was trying to fight me to get into the bathroom after we had been drinking, & the door handle broke. while i was concentrating on fixing it (having gotten out the tools & taken it apart) she was asking me when i needed to have the alarm clock set for. i didn't answer her, not wanting to be distracted, & she got mad at me for being rude. i tried to tell her in bed that i felt crummy that she was being mean to me, but she told me to shut up & leave her alone. everything was hunky-dory this morning though.

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