mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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the toothiest snatch of them all.

charybdis, oh you great swallowing monster. you moist cavern into which ships, sailors, & heroes slide. you wear the siren's in your hair & the great eye of polyphemus about your neck like a broach. your song is ruin, your voice is the allure of negation. you are the solace at the bottom of a cup, the space between a mad flutist's notes. your shores are the shores upon which broken hearts wash up on, the event horizons of forlorn & unrequited love. you are the haunting that brings empires to their knees. you are croatan. gnash your teeth & teach the jormungdir world serpent shame at calling its fangs a maw, charybdis. sing me the lullabye about oblivion, oh great gash.

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