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did you know that great white sharks bear their eggs internally, & hatch their young live? while an embryo is developing inside its mother, it will cannibalistically devour the other, unfertilized eggs. does this sound like my life? oh you better believe it: these anxieties writhing in my stomach are all teeth & cartilage. as if this influenza i've been fighting off wasn't trouble enough. now i've got to be a corpse for maggots of doubt to infest.

i havn't seen much of my girlfriend for the past few weeks & last night we slept in seperate rooms. i'm not confusing cause & effect- the distance has to do with all the visitors we've been having & now is complicated by my contagion. i'm all for blood-letting & leechcraft if it gets me a chance to be with her instead of spending time in my broke down carnival skull. i guess i should just shut up about feeling so lonely.
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