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these symbiotic friendships are swell. by which i mean, people who like to drink till falling down is the only reasonable course of action. you know how i am about falling. that irresistable imitations of how the whole thing started. that whole angry flash of lightning collision. fuck the thrown & fuck the crown & fuck the temple. here is my warrent & weapon, my diadem & sovreign blade. i hold them in defiance against the tyrrany of heaven. i will be no hierodule.

what i'm trying to say is, last night jenny & i went over to david's for dinner, at his behest. its a fucking nice behest, too, what with david's belly a furnace who's fires are stoked through hospitality. while we waited for him to finish up in the kitchen, jenny & peter & i watched the night of the living dead ("they're dead. they're all messed up.") & then episodes of space ghost: coast to coast ("BANJO!"). the soup course was oysters in a guiness sauce, the main course was pork & grey potato cakes of some kind in a guiness gravy, & desert was bread pudding with whisky sauce. all throughout, punctuated with scotch & burbon. we three magi left before any real hammers could come down- there were miles to go before we slept. i'm sure david met his mjolnir afterwords. at least we rode the synchonicity highway home most of the way- the q train treated me just fine.

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