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"forgive me," said the limping hunchback, scuttling out of the way. "i must console my master." i let the stinking & tatterdemalion thing go to spend its last few hours with its now thread-bare lord. it's master had been the last of the coven i'd been hounding on & off for the past few months, dybbuk things of ichor & wriggling nightfall. i'd trephenated that shadow & taken from it what i wanted, an irreplacable darkness. it layed now in its sanctuary, beneath the skyscraper pipes of its organ, bleeding & dreaming of ages long lost to it.

while the igor was away, i took the opportunity to slip the tenebrae i had clutched in my hand into a glass phial, capping it with a crystal stopper. it swarmed there thus enclosed, tendrils of jet strewn into filaments like umbral tangleweed. i put it into my black surgeons bag with the other phials, pushing scalpals & other things aside. while i rooted through it i pulled out my .357 snub. better safe than sorry.

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