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jack-in-the-box & how it gave augustine quite a fright!

"take the boxes with the hands in them out; the boxes with feet in them are behind those." oh ossified fortress of morning. it sure helps drag me out of bed to know i'll spend the first few hours of it sorting through boxes of bones, making rough skeletal outlines. at least, those mornings it actually does drag me out of bed. from here though, i have to go to those cruel rice paper halls, those tangled verbs & gerands. japanese, land of keeping your head down & not making any waves. last class i distracted her by asking her questions about monsters- bakemono, akuma, oni, kappa, a whole pantheon of creepy crawlies.

speaking of creepycrawlies, i've been playing neopets obsessively again. i don't know what the allure is. i tend to forget about it for months, years at a time, but then i drift back to it. the whole competitive atmosphere of the place gets to me, i guess. fighting, training, owning a shop, its all weirdly & embarassingly fascinating. the funny little metaplots, the bordem winnowing flash games, its all just...cute. i mean, look at my halloween coloured aisha. how fucking cute is she in her devil costume?

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