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i say- you should be allowed to eat people. "i liked you, but then you blew it! i'll digest you & absorb the good parts & shit out the rest." its my solution for girls, in large part. girls can be sucky. i suggest murder & cannibalism when confronted with wayward or straying ladies. ladies of all nefarious ilks. gut 'em & eat 'em & you will have all the good things with you forever, & all the bad will be at the bottom of the outhouse, where it belongs

also, i wish i knew when it became in vouge to teach that people once believed in spontaneous generation. for some reason that i can't fathom, elementry schools like to talk about redi's experiment with the rotten meat & the bottles, but come on. people didn't believe in spontaneous generation. sure, aristotle & all them talked about it, but they talked about things. talking was their big gig- maybe you've heard of socrates? anyhow, to presume that people thought spontaneous generation was true is retarded. to think that actual historical individuals were ignorant of sex, babies, & eggs? thats insane. shit, where did all these babies come from? a) all that humping b) a womans vagina c) if you have a cradle, babies appear. fuck history.

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