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lacerated- once we got to bed, jenny couldn't stop attacking me. not in a pleasent scratch n' be scratched kind of way. more like- i wanted to have sex & she wanted to assassinate me. boy i sure wanted to have sex. & we did, & i recall in fondly. but if i'm being honest with my drunken memories, it so happens that i kept asking her to stop clawing me to ribbons & she kept refusing. i mean, it got so bad that thats why i stopped, was the nails biting into me. i was just a little drinky m! i wanted to kiss & make love & that was that! maybe i just couldn't get into the mood? but the coagulated blood on me says that the mood was kinda serious. man, what is my big complaint? i like violent sex! the things that happen when we've been drinking, huh kiddo?

david came home with me after work, bringing wine & gin from his apartment as a sort of peace offering. like, "please give us peace, oh depressants, because this whole thing is a mug's game." or whatever- the offering was to shiva, not jenny or me. david & my conversation usually starts with literature & veers into dungeons & dragons (dnd) soon thereafter. which is great, & i'm sure pleased to have a pal who enjoys drinking till oblivion, on top of liking geeky things. so he & i & jenny drank & drank, then went to the deli for 40 oz, then drank some more. drinking like there might be a tommorow, though. always that weekday reservation. i miss those weekend trail of tears- all the reservations emptied out.

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