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i saw kill bill volume ii with jenny after class today. when bill points that revolver of his at her across the coffee table, it was like looking in the lincoln tunnel. man, now thats a gun i could have. my feelings on the film are positive- thanks for making a movie i want to watch, quentin tarantino. making watchable films is enjoyable. after the movie we ate at dojos. it was like there was a party in my mouth.

oh, the other day at work i leapt over the counter to chase down some hobo who had brazenly stolen a zane book. its nice to know that in actual practice, i am faster than people. i might not be winning any foot races, but in a dash across traffic, i do pretty well for myself. anyhow, we didn't even get the book back- david two came with me, & its a good thing, because i probably would have shook the guy down for it. touching strangers is assault. stupid fucking laws. stupid fucking laws.

i got the first issue of my dragon subscription in. i'm waffling on eberon- will it suck or will it be awesome? i just couldn't tell you. this issue is all dark sun, though, which is odd. i've never played in dark sun- it seems kinda insane. oh, & i figured out where my dislike for the 3.5 ruling that if you have a +1 or better base attack bonus, you can draw your weapon as a free action if it accompanies a move action. i've got a grudge against it because i always had a pain in the ass as chester kegtapper trying to get both blades drawn & in play, even with my quickdraw feat, whereas nobody else much bothered with weapons- they were always assumed to be in-hand. aw hell, thats a silly grudge to hold against a rule! although it just does seem kludged on.

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