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the legacy of the demon barber.

apochryphal accounts of zzrkzzrk shoal hidalgos abound in conspiritor cells, but to date there have been no confirmed reports brought to the attention of the glassman. in contrast to the pefidious hidalgos, who remain nominally human, the shoal hidalgo grows increasingly inhuman in response to his demiurge. his flesh becomes a hive to the minor zzrk swarms, & his flesh eventually is mortified to the point at which his body is nothing more than a skeleton picked clean of sustianence by the lesser zzrk. if the exsistance of the termagent is assumed, as conspiracy aligned antinomists insist, the shoal hidalgos are doubtless the minders of its innermost chambers.

if a shoal hidalgo is encountered, ALL AGENTS are to withdraw for a FULL REPORT. if & only if the agent is completely unobserved & unsuspected should the agent remain to gather further intellegence. a shoal hidalgo is expected to be encountered with an accompanying force of perfidious hidalgos, & mistrust should be the watchword of all involved. true zzrk could also be encountered in the presence of the shoal hidalgo; as in any situation of anathemic contact, discretion is expected.

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