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prince lotor's black robolion.

how can the voltron team really be described as heroes? sure, they fight off robobeasts in their spare time, but what else were they going to do. they have a giant fighting robot! the only reasonable thing to do with it is to fight giant monsters. i suppose the thing thats diffrent in me is that i've got this tendency to kick over sandcastles. voltron never did step on the castle like i kept meaning for it to do. man, the hopes of a small child. a small, wicked child. screw you voltron! rick hunter was smashing into buildings from day one! form blazing fucking sword? the sdf-1 macross will form fucking reflex cannon! man, thanks japan for having such a weird bunch of television think-tanks. who approved this stuff? who is the guy who was like "HONTO? airplane transform into ROBOT!? KAKKAOI!" (shit, now that i think about it, macross was probably sold to some suit as "a space opera with important things to say about the nature of war & interpersonal relationships." & by interpersonal relationships they mean innapropriately dating your cousin, or your commanding officer, or an alien spy who's mission is to assassinate you.

i adopted a cute lil' poison fetus
from Fetusmart! i don't know why but i was compelled to! mind control! manchurian canidate fetus!

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