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so we fucked again last night- end of the world sex. we're fucking on airforce one, like i've instituted my policy of mutual annihilation, grabbed my favorite intern & headed for the bunker. its violent, again- last night's theme. i'm pinning her down & its a no means yes sort of ravishing. at least, the parts of her below her neck all say yes- her mouth, her traitorous mouth, betrays her as well. she can't keep from kissing me, kissing me with that patented candyland kiss of hers. she's fallen into me like a girl falls into a well.

you might as well ascribe magical powers to me. i'm awfully eldritch.

last night in my dream, i got awfully, door slammingly angry at jenny. we decided to skip some dinner her parents were throwing & read in bed. so i made an excuse & jenny sent her robot duplicate. then after the dinner, & her parents had left, we went in scavanging through the left-overs. there were too pieces of cake left, a really good special cake, but jenny wouldn't let me have one. she said her robot had eaten too much during dinner, & now all the food it had eaten was wasted, because robots don't need to eat.

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