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okay, so rza, gza, & bill murray walk into a bar...

"let me stick my tongue in your ear! i'll try to be sexy about it. oh my god, i can't believe anyone dates me. i'm such a fuck up. hahaha. ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA!..... hahaha. HA HA HA HA!" - my girlfriend.

so harrison ford, right? he was han solo & indiana jones. how do you pull that gig? whats funny to me is that i was talking to mirrormirror mordicai about star wars, & in his universe christopher walken got the role of han solo (harrison ford was still indiana jones, though. an evil, nazi indiana jones). i wonder what that was like- i think i can imagine it, though. saturday night live prepared me for it a little bit.

when i was a freshman in high school, i knew this french exchange student named morgan. this was back when i was all hard core about being asexual, when i was just totally consumed by this broken angel villiany & couldn't be bothered with girls. anyhow, when i met morgan it was in the food court of the mall, with her host sister doree (the girl antonio was dating at the time). when doree told morgan that i didn't like girls, morgan was all asking if i "perfere garcon?" or whatever? but i don't like guys, & i know enough french to parse what she was saying. anyhow, for the rest of morgan's stay here we had all this built up high school chemistry, seething cauldron-like. any reasonable person would have made out with her- plus, she was the french girl who wasn't a virgin. i probably could have lost my virginity to her. mirrormirror mordicai did. its just funny to think about other paths not taken. i'd like to get in touch with morgan, i guess.

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