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so, things.

1) i hate fucking sourkraut & jenny ate a BOWL OF IT.

2) stephen trask is kind of totally awesome. please send cds.

3) we bought beer!

4) there is no cow level

5) why did the bourne identity stop playing?

6) hello, neo. welcome to...the gap.

7) guns n' ammo.

8) papa was a rodeo.

9) i have long known the origin of love. i can chart the origin of love over the Y shaped autopsy scar of my body. you tell me love & i can tell you absence. did jenny win her place in the miskatonic lottery by screwing me over by abandoning me? am i so desperately broken that only someone who cut me quick can win me? these questions entertain me over the long nights. its the same as asking- will these stitches disolve? do you think i'll be left with a scar?

10) my face is unscarred but i do have TITANIUM FOR A FUCKING SKULL!

11) captain america lives in red hook. welcome, cap. nothing personal.

12) everything that keeps 'em together is falling apart.

13) this is the burke number. i disavow it. i mean, without malice. its just not me.

14) remember orie's nathaniel & how he teamed up with me as af- purah.

15) the torch i bear is scorching me; buffy's laughing i've no doubt. i hope she fries, i'm free if that bitch dies- i better help her our.

16) thanks polly jean harvey. i can't fucking tell if you are telling the truth or what? but not many people can tell whether or not i tell the truth. are you entiled to lying, as an artist? i can't understand art. is art just another word for "people trying to say something?" it is, right? as i understand it. is that all there is to the circus? because i mean, i've lied an awful lot in my life. so am i now an artist?

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