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i met with simon "serialadder" ravenface at the "neutral grounds", a renown hang out for arms dealers & smugglers. while he & some north korean fellow mapped out battle plans for super soldiers, i looked on. after the sim, ravenface & i took off walking, down towards union square. we talked about "the scrooge," & i explained to him the basic premise of the de la guarda gambit. we talked to some guys about obtaining some rare goods for him, to little avail- i however noticed that a new occult tome had been published. i'll have to check my source on monday.

i had plans to meet dave "facehugger" illscientist at the knitting factory for a rock & roll show, but around that time my stomach started feeling...woozy. inappropriately woozy. imagine my stomach was the asshole at the party instead of me. no one was having fun! he was wrecking it for everybody! i took my leave of ravenface & thought i was headed home. oh no no no. fuck that shit, says the evil growing in my stomach. oh fuck you to hell it was sayin'. so i crashed some upscale bar, waiting behind some guy for girls to stop doing coke in the bathroom, locked myself in, & "made a scene."

then i came home & took a bath with my girlfriend.

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