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the bitter peacock monarchy was outside the inner circle of the new heirarchy, unable to wear the imperial purple. it was a political thing, not something that the maids & the butler typically concerned themselves with, but it was also unprecedented & thus perfect for gossip. to the royals, however, this slight was unforgivable. so while the khans & princes of the heirarchy spun themselves out like spider-webs, drawing up pacts with each other & signing in blood, the peacock monarchy prepared for war.

the jewel of the peacock monarchy's navy was a vessel called the NMV tiamat. with all screws turning, she could break mach two while completely submerged with no compression wave or sound signature whatsoever. the only way to track it was by following the turbulance thrown up in its wake. which is why the first targets for the peacock sappers were spotter planes & the computing hubs that ran the observation drones.

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