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a porcelin idol wrapped in a shroud, buried at the foot of a boab tree. someone once loved it very much, to distraction, but the miasma that it cast over their life grew intolerable. the ebb & tug of personal gods can be indistinguishable from the event horizon of any other singularity.

i have been watching the prisoner today- soaking in a deep soup of alternate coexsistant realities. its not the grit of the matter, by any means. would a top secret agent plausibly be kidnaped by possibly nefarious agents? sure, at least in my x-files inundatered outlook. its the pagentry of it. to kidnap a man & take him to your surrealist villa while tailoring snappy tuxedo jackets for him? now thats a hidden grotto of a semiotic concentration camp that you can sign me up for.

also, i'm about three-fourths (3/4ths) of the way through lethem's as she climbed across the table. he does know how to purple his prose, huh? but i'm having bad premonitions. while i'm reading him, i really enjoy reading him. once i finish consuming him, though i'm left feeling betrayed. learn how to end a story asshole! they all just kind of flutter & die like a robin thats fallen from its nest.

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