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the terrible green menace.

the bottle jack-knifed away in the surf, caught by the currents in an ocean the colour of oxidized copper. the cork in the top of its green glass majesty bobbed as it surfaced, & behind the painted on label, inside its emerald fucking splendor, you could see the note. the ocean wasn't crawling with muties & floating diapers back then, you understand- it was awash with life. corals & octopi. things both alien & familiar. sharks. it was a diffrent sort of ocean than what you've got these days.

we were hoping it'd reach some help. hell, we were just boys then, what did we know? we'd just gotten it stuck in our heads that we'd had enough of the Overlords. you won't be remembering the Overlords now, but for fifteen years they were quite the villians. so we'd decided that we'd send out a message in a bottle & hope something came of it. above all we just wanted something to change.

fools? boy were we ever. when Final came, things sure did change.

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