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muddly zombie dream.

in my dream, keefer sutherland invents zombies by feeding dead people to aids patients. he's running a charity out of the museum. i'm still not sure if he was planning for a zombie outbreak- his bicycle had a pedal radio & everything. regardless, he kept talking about re-socializing the pre-dead. thanks keefer!

at one point, i'm on the beach getting swarmed by zombies. i take off swimming, but it turns out these zombies can swim like dolphins, undulating their bodies. thats just fucking great. so my solution is to dogpaddle into a government ammunition dump's waters. you know america & island nations- the whole place is crawling with mines. zombies keep hitting them (spiked balls of steel chained to the ocean floor).

when i finally land is when i meet the girl. she's the girl in all white from ico. when i say all white i mean her skin too. what the fuck planet is she from? she's not speaking in any language i've ever heard. for some reason i get all paladin. come with me little girl & i'll save you. of course, i decide to take her to the museum.

the dream gets kind of funny around here. there is a man in a suit who runs like the wind, trying to take my little white girl away. i shoot that fucker in the head. the whole museum wakes up when the ico girl starts to play an old louis the fourteenth (14th) harpsichord. stained glass windows are breaking, dinosaur bones are raining from the sky & impaling people. i just keep firing steadily from my carbine, one shot after another.

eventually i send the girl home. the day is saved. except a week later the police find her in a ditch on the road, seemingly dead & with a bite mark on her arm. i'm screaming at the over the phone to put a fucking stake in her chest & they think i'm joking. what does everyone think i'm joking?

but when i get there it turns out that she is okay. its a dog bite.

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