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the sky was yellow. that certain sepia colour of a sunset you only get if your life is a western, the atmosphere awash like a liquor bottle transposed with a lamp. the horizon was pretty much unbroken- a few buildings aspiring to be skyscrapers, but nothing ammounting to much. this was a long time ago, & you didn't see as many sixty floor monstrosities as you do now. things were diffrent then.

anyhow, it was the damnedest thing. that canary sky? empty of any cloud save one. & from that cloud descended a tornado, like some absurd stalk. a whiring appendage scraping across the land, debris all abuzz around it in a junkyard nimbus. this little spinning juggernaut plowed right across down, sheering the roof off of city hall & turning more than one homestead to matchsticks.

we figured it was witchcraft.

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